Travel Itineraries

Travel Itineraries

Check out all our travel itineraries. We have different routes for countries and regions in all four corners of the world.

South Caucasus Backpacking Routes (Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan)

Backpacking the South Caucasus region will see you discover a unique mixture of the old world and modern civilisation. Neither Asia nor Europe, the area manages to blend together two cultures and create their own one. This page includes suggested travel itineraries for Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, three destinations that may sound like they are […]

Balkans backpacking route (Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania & Kosovo)

While many first-time backpackers in Europe overlook the Balkans, the region is getting slightly more popular with more adventurous travellers. That being said, aside from one or two coastal regions in Croatia, it largely remains something of a hidden gem and well off the traditional European travel map. In this post, we’ll outline an extensive […]

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