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Middle East travel blog

A Middle East travel blog. Featuring trip ideas for backpackers and budget travellers, tips on where to go, how to travel and how to save money on the road.

Cost of Living in Asia – What are the cheapest places to live?

We’re going to take a look at the 2023 cost of living in Asia, featuring some of the major countries and cities across the continent, including those most popular with people looking for a new life abroad. This should give you an idea of how expenses compare across this vast continent. We’ll highlight some of […]

Connecting in the Middle East – The Main Airline Hubs

Through a combination of its geographical location, wealth and the rise of some of the world’s biggest and best airlines, the Gulf countries have become a major hub for global air traffic. The region is a very useful connecting piece for budget travellers looking to save money on inter-continental flights by taking indirect rather than […]

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