Funky 5’s

Funky fives

Our funky 5’s are quick-fire articles that are easy to read and should provide a bit of inspiration for your next travel adventure.

5 Tips for finding cheap flights in Europe

Europe has more budget airlines and cheap flights than any other region in the world. From Ryanair and Vueling to Wizzair and Easyjet, the continent isn’t short on crammed planes, low fares and short, no-frills flights to other cities. In this post we have five quick tips for finding cheap flights in Europe which should […]

Connecting in the Middle East – The Main Airline Hubs

Through a combination of its geographical location, wealth and the rise of some of the world’s biggest and best airlines, the Gulf countries have become a major hub for global air traffic. The region is a very useful connecting piece for budget travellers looking to save money on inter-continental flights by taking indirect rather than […]

Emerging Travel Destinations – 5 Countries that have seen Visitor Numbers soar

As we head towards the end of the second decade of the 21st century, there are more people living on this planet than ever before and across the world the number of international trips people are taking continues to rise. As popular cities and resorts become clogged with tourists, the thirst for new destinations is […]

5 European Cities that are older than Rome

When it comes to naming old European cities, two historic capitals generally spring to mind. If your education on European history comes from primary school lessons or indeed many a travel guidebook, you’d be forgiven for thinking there wasn’t much civilisation of note on the European continent before the great ages of Ancient Greece and […]

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