Best Travel Insurance for Backpackers

We highly recommend using World Nomads for backpacking trips.

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7 Reasons Why We Recommend World Nomads as the Best Travel Insurance for Backpackers

Specialists in providing cover for Backpacking Trips.

Submit your claim online while you’re travelling. No need to wait till you return home.

Flexible. You can extend and even buy your policy while travelling.

24/7 Phone Assistance.

Cover for a range of Adventure activities that many travel insurance companies refuse to cover.

Contribute to their Footprints Network which helps poor communities in need across the world.

Worldwide cover available to people from 150 countries.


Getting Travel Insurance – Why it is so Important

Hopefully your trip will be trouble-free but having good travel insurance is an important safety net to have if you’re unlucky enough to have any problems. Here are a few situations when having good travel insurance can prove a lifesaver.

– Getting Sick Abroad

Getting ill in a foreign land where you don’t speak the language and where medical standards perhaps don’t quite match those in your own country is bad enough. Not being able to pay for your treatment is more like a disaster. In many countries medical fees are extortionate and if you don’t have the funds, you simply won’t get treated.

World Nomads will liaise with you and your family if you were to get seriously ill abroad and will cover your treatment and when necessary, pay for you to be transferred to a country with better facilities.

– Theft

Petty Theft is often a big problem in popular travel destinations and cities all over the world. As a traveller you are an attractive target for thieves. By applying common sense and looking after your belongings you can generally avoid being the victim of theft but if the worst should happen, you can at least recover the cost of your stolen belongings if you’re insured.

With World Nomads, you can submit your claim online whilst your travelling and the cost of stolen items will be covered.

– Cancelling Flights

Travel Insurance for backpackers is crucial when it comes to booking and more importantly cancelling flights. It’s well known that you are generally more likely to get sick abroad than at home. In most cases it’ll just be a small virus or a bit of food poisoning which will pass in a few days. However if you’re scheduled to fly, the day you get sick and need to cancel then you’re going to be losing out on a lot of cash unless you’re insured. Travellers may have numerous flights packed into one trip so it’s not worth risking it without being insured.

World Nomads will pay often heavy cancellation fees in such circumstances.

– Adventures Sports Accidents

Adventures sports and adrenaline-pumping activities are an important and exciting part of trips for many backpackers. Very occasionally and it is very occasionally, accidents do happen and you can be left needing emergency and in very rare cases life-saving treatment. Without proper travel insurance you can end up with medical bills that can run into tens of thousands of bucks and might take years to fully pay off if you’re uninsured.

Emergency treatment and transfers for a wide range of adventure sports activities are covered by World Nomads.