Heymondo vs SafetyWing Travel Insurance Comparison

Heymondo and SafetyWing are two of the providers of some of the cheapest travel insurance options for backpackers and budget travellers. In this Heymondo vs SafetyWing comparison, we’ll compare their packages and see where they are similar and where they differ. Heymondo vs SafetyWing Key Differences While the two companies are often casually referred to […]

Top 10 Underrated Backpacking Destinations

If you’re tired of the typical travel stories of backpacking in Thailand or following the Inca Trail in Peru, you might just find some inspiration here. Below, we’ve selected ten underrated backpacking destinations around the world that travellers often tend to skip altogether or race through without fully appreciating. 10 Underrated Backpacking Destinations 1. Fes, […]

The World’s Weirdest Tourist Attraction: San Pedro Prison, La Paz

San Pedro Prison is one of the biggest in Bolivia and the common destination for people convicted of breaking the country’s laws. However this is no ordinary prison. San Pedro has gained an infamous reputation with all the bizarre stories that have come out of it through the years. This includes everything from tales of […]

Top 10 Latin America Travel Highlights

Ordered geographically from north to south, here are our top ten Latin America travel highlights. From the best experiences in Central America and Cuba right down to the icy shores of Antarctica. The region is far bigger than you perhaps realise and while there are cultural and linguistic similarities throughout, there is still an incredibly […]

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