Heymondo vs SafetyWing Travel Insurance Comparison

Heymondo vs SafetyWing compared

Heymondo and SafetyWing are two of the providers of some of the cheapest travel insurance options for backpackers and budget travellers. In this Heymondo vs SafetyWing comparison, we’ll compare their packages and see where they are similar and where they differ.

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Heymondo vs SafetyWing Key Differences

While the two companies are often casually referred to as rival providers of cheap travel insurance, there are some big differences between Heymondo and SafetyWing. In fact, the two companies are largely targeted towards different customer bases, although there is a bit of crossover which we’ll get on to.

Both are relatively young companies having been founded in 2016 and 2017. While Heymondo markets itself very differently to more established travel insurance providers with a user friendly interface and live chat via the app, they are in some respects the more traditional of the two.

They offer a broader choice of travel insurance packages than SafetyWing with different tiers and various add-ons that enables you to tailor cover for single trips. They also have options for annual travel insurance that cover you for multiple trips within a year and a long stay package for individual trips of 90+ days.

For example an adventure-seeking backpacker travelling around New Zealand may want to activate the Adventure Sports add-on. However Heymondo’s Premium Single Trip plan includes a possible Cruise add-on which shows the broad range of customers that may potentially purchase travel insurance from them.

Digital nomad on the beach

SafetyWing by comparison is more geared towards digital nomads and people who may be away from home indefinitely, most likely whilst working remotely. However, backpackers and other types of travellers can still purchase their insurance and it may well prove to be the cheapest option for a short trip.

They will need to be aware though, that SafetyWing primarily offers travel medical insurance. That means there is only limited cover for things like travel delays and lost checked luggage while lost or stolen items are not insured in the majority of circumstances.

The other key difference is SafetyWing’s main payment plan which is very different to Heymondo and other travel insurance providers. Essentially it works a bit like a Netflix or Amazon Prime subscription where you have a rolling four-week commitment ($45.08 per 28 days as of July 2023 for 18-39 travellers excluding US travel) which automatically renews each month but can be cancelled at any time if you return home or no longer need it. Backpackers can still opt for specific dates though if you have a clear plan for the length of your trip.

To get a quote from Heymondo, you will need to enter the start and end date which is more typical of the industry.

Heymondo Medical vs SafetyWing Nomad Insurance

Heymondo MedicalSafetyWing Nomad Insurance
Worldwide Price for 4 Weeks excluding US$83.93 (also excludes Canada)$45.08
Worldwide Price for 4 Weeks including US$103.68$83.44
Medical Coverage$10,900,000$250,000
Emergency Dental TreatmentIncluded in Medical Coverage$1000
Medical Transport$109,000$100,000
Travel Delay$100 per day (12+ hour delays requiring overnight stay)
Lost Checked Luggage$500 per item
Personal Liability$25,000
The above is based on an 18-39 year old British traveller with prices accurate as of July 2023. Heymondo’s prices have been converted from Euros to USD for ease of comparison.

SafetyWing currently only offers one travel insurance package for individual travellers which is their Nomad Insurance plan. Given it is designed to be affordable medical insurance, the most natural comparison is with Heymondo Medical – the company’s cheapest and most slimmed down plan. If you need more extensive single trip cover, check out their Top and Premium plans which are outlined in our Heymondo travel insurance review.

In terms of price, SafetyWing is cheaper than Heymondo for 4 week worldwide trips, although the difference is less when travel to the US is included. Heymondo does enable you to select the exact country or region you will be visiting though which can also significantly reduce costs. For example a four week trip in Europe would be €53.67 ($58.76) at the time of writing, only marginally more than SafetyWing. You can also get a 5% discount on all Heymondo’s policies if you use our discount code.

Overall, SafetyWing’s Nomad Insurance covers quite a lot for the price. While predominantly it is designed to be medical cover, you get a range of extras including cover for travel delays, lost checked luggage, political evacuation and personal liability. These aren’t included in Heymondo Medical.

However Heymondo Medical does have a much higher limit for the amount of medical or dental cover you can claim. This will only really be relevant in the case of a very serious injury or illness where medical treatment is very expensive. For more typical medical issues, SafetyWing’s $250,000 limit should suffice.

It’s also worth noting that unlike Heymondo Medical, SafetyWing Nomad Insurance includes a $250 deductible. This is the amount you’ll need to pay if you make a claim before they will cover the balance of that claim (up to the maximum limits).

Heymondo Annual Multitrip vs SafetyWing Nomad Insurance

Heymondo Annual MultitripSafetyWing Nomad Insurance
Price for 1 Year excluding US*$220$587
Price for 1 Year including US*$220$1087
Medical Coverage$10,900,000$250,000
Emergency Dental TreatmentIncluded in Medical Coverage$1000
Medical Transport$548,000$100,000
Travel Delay$1644$100 per day (12+ hour delays requiring overnight stay)
Lost Checked Luggage$548 (includes delayed checked luggage)$500 per item
Stolen Luggage$2740
Personal Liability$65,768$25,000
The above is based on an 18-39 year old British traveller with prices accurate as of July 2023. Heymondo’s prices have been converted from Euros to USD for ease of comparison and all prices have been rounded up to the nearest $.

The absence of an annual payment plan means to be insured by SafetyWing for a whole year, you’ll just need to subscribe to their regular 28 day plan and allow it to automatically renew each month. This means that one full year of cover would work out quite a lot more expensive than Heymondo’s Annual Multitrip offering which comes in at just $220.

However it’s important to note that Heymondo’s Annual Multitrip will only cover you for individual trips of up to 60 days. If you’re going to be away from home for longer than 60 consecutive days at any one point, their renewable Long Stay plan may be the best option.

Heymondo 5% off

The Heymondo Annual Multitrip offering is more extensive than the Medical plan featured before. It also includes cover for things like lost and stolen luggage as well as personal liability and trip disruption or cancellation. There is also the option to add on extras such as adventure sports and cover for electronic items which will raise the price.

Overall, Heymondo Annual Multitrip plan offers the more extensive cover and is more affordable than signing up to SafetyWing for a whole year. However this package does include a deductible (still marginally less than SafetyWing’s). It’d be a great option for anyone planning to do multiple trips of two months or less within one calendar year but will be less suitable for digital nomads or travellers who will be spending much longer periods away.

Customer Reviews

Heymondo trust pilot reviews are overwhelmingly positive. As of 2023, it ranks as one of the most popular travel insurance providers for backpacking trips with an average rating of 4.5/5. That’s from 1751 reviews in total with 79% giving it a five star rating.

SafetyWing also scores well though. They average 4.2/5 from 807 reviews overall. 76% of SafetyWing customers give it a five star rating. It does have a higher percentage of one star reviews (14% compared to Heymondo’s 7%) although many of the comments seem to relate to travellers not fully understanding the terms, particularly when it comes to the deductible or the fact that SafetyWing primarily offer medical travel insurance and don’t cover you for most cases of lost or stolen property. We go into more detail on this in our SafetyWing medical travel insurance review.

Heymondo vs SafetyWing compared

Final Thoughts – Heymondo vs SafetyWing for Affordable Travel Insurance

Overall, both SafetyWing and Heymondo reviews are overwhelmingly positive and they certainly rank as two of the best options for travellers in 2023. In terms of which is better, it will depend on your circumstances and the nature of your trip.

Heymondo offers more packages and more options of tailoring the cover to suit your needs. Most of their plans are also much more extensive than SafetyWing’s Nomad Insurance, which makes Heymondo a strong choice for inexperienced travellers or first time backpackers who may be doing more adventure sports and activities. Their Annual Multitrip offering is also a great option for anyone doing lots of different trips within the space of a twelve month period, providing no trips are more than two months long.

SafetyWing by comparison is perhaps a better option if your trip is likely to fall into the low risk category. For example, you’re heading to a relatively safe destination with low crime rates and aren’t planning to do anything that carries notably greater risks such as certain adventure sports or activities. 

That’s partly why they are such a good option for digital nomads who will typically be working more and doing less of the things that can cause problems on backpacking trips. The flexibility to turn on and off their cover each month is also pretty cool but the lack of electronics cover is something that those working remotely abroad need to be aware of.

Exact prices and terms mentioned in this July 2023 Heymondo vs SafetyWing comparison are subject to change at any time and may vary according to your age, nationality and circumstances. You get a quote from Heymondo here and from SafetyWing here to see the exact price of cover for your trip and read the full terms and conditions.

Heymondo vs SafetyWing Travel Insurance Comparison

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