Portugal Backpacking Budget – Cost of Travel in 2023

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This page outlines the estimated cost of travel in Portugal in 2023. We have included suggested shoestring and more comfortable Portugal backpacking budgets for a trip around a beautiful country that hugs the Atlantic Ocean in Western Europe. We also have some typical prices further down to give you an idea of how much things cost.

cost of travel in Portugal
Map of Portugal from wikitravel, can be re-used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Portugal Cost of Travel in 2023

Shoestring Backpacker Budget

  • 45 Euros per Day

As the poorest country in Western Europe, Portugal is quite affordable by the standards of the region. It’s perhaps marginally cheaper overall than neighbouring Spain and much cheaper when compared to a typical France backpacking budget.

Getting around Portugal doesn’t cost much with good bus and train connections and a logical North-to-South or South-to-North approach due to the shape of the country. Budget accommodation is cheap and plentiful in most of the country’s most appealing destinations and eating and drinking is also great value by the standards of the region.

Therefore a Portugal backpacking budget of around 45 Euros per day is very possible and you may be able to get by on less if you’re an experienced shoestring traveler. There is some regional variation with Lisbon and some of the more upmarket touristy places in the popular Algarve a fraction more expensive. However if you’re savvy you can still find great value for money in the capital and there are places like Lagos in the South which have a big backpacker vibe and good options for budget accommodation.

More Comfortable Portugal Backpacking Budget

  • 60 Euros per Day

Portugal is not expensive to travel in, but there are always ways to spend more, be that by enjoying a few stays in private apartments or by doing more excursions and activities during the day. Increasing your budget to around 60 Euros per day might also be wise if you plan on going out partying regularly but you can still do a bit of that on the previous budget if you mostly pre-drink and avoid the pricier bars and clubs.

This kind of budget will also allow you to visit the beautiful island of Madeira although the more distant Azores may still be a bit out of budget. Alternatively, you could perhaps use the extra money to hire a car (if you’re travelling with friends) and that’s a nice idea in order to reach the more remote beaches in the South and quieter, more traditional Portuguese villages.

cheap sangria
A jug of Sangria with a view, just north of Porto, Portugal.

How much are things in Portugal?

Approximate Price
Flight from Lisbon to Madeira (1 hour 45 mins)From €15 (plus baggage fees)
Train from Lisbon to Porto (2 hours 45 minutes)€10-35 (2nd class – promo fares to standard rates)
Meal in a local restaurant€8-12
Local beer in bar/restaurant€1.50-3
Dorm bed in a hostelFrom €10
Budget private roomFrom €20
A visit to Lisbon’s Castelo de Sao Jorge€15 (26 years or more) €7.50 (13-25 year olds)
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Comparing Portugal prices to the cost of travel in Spain, you’ll see there isn’t a huge difference and both rank as mid-range countries in terms of the overall cost of travel in Europe in 2023.

If you’re on a really tight budget, one good idea may be to take the chance to work in exchange for benefits such as food and a bed for a few days or weeks. Worldpackers is a site/app that allows travellers to search for hosts and take part in work exchanges. This can really help cut down your travel costs and make your trip last longer. At the time of writing, there are 159 opportunities in Portugal on their platform with everything from work at surf camps to eco-lodges. You can use our Worldpackers promo code for a $10 discount if you opt to register!


Currency – Euros

£1 = €1.12

US$1 = €0.94

These exchange rates are correct as of February 2023. Contactless payment is possible in many businesses in Portugal so you may find it better to pay by card for things, particularly if you have a debit card that is good for travel.

This Portugal backpacking budget was last updated in February 2023.

Portugal Backpacking Budget – Cost of Travel in 2023

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