Ireland Backpacking Budget – Cost of Travel (2023)

Irish cafe in Dublin. Travel Costs.

On this page, we look at the cost of travel in Ireland. Read on for a suggested shoestring and more comfortable Ireland backpacking budget. We also have information about the currency and some sample prices around the country in 2023.

This article refers to the Republic of Ireland rather than Northern Ireland which is covered in our United Kingdom backpacking budget. Prices are generally higher south of the border and the Republic also uses the Euro rather than the British Pound.

Ireland Backpacking Budget
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Ireland Cost of Travel in 2023

Ireland on a Budget – How much do you need?

  • €60/day

Backpacking Ireland on a low budget, you can expect to spend around 60 Euros per day. That’s based on staying in hostel dorms and trying to be sensible when it comes to eating and drinking out.

If you’re from outside the Eurozone, the cost of travel in Ireland to some extent depends on the strength of the Euro at the time you visit. However there are a number of factors that make this an expensive country to travel in, and it’s on the high end when it comes to Europe backpacking budgets.

Dublin in particular is known for being an expensive city to visit with the cost of the main attractions regularly around 20 Euros. The city’s famous pubs are by no means cheap either so if you are someone who likes a drink then you might struggle to stick to this suggested Ireland backpacking budget.

However you can still have some fun on that sort of budget with costs generally a bit lower outside of the capital. It’s also a relatively small country so you won’t spend a huge amount getting from A to B.

Kilmainham Gaol
A tour of Kilmainham Gaol in 2023 costs €8 for adults, although advanced booking online several weeks earlier is highly recommended as they do sell out.

More Comfortable Ireland Backpacking Budget

  • €90/day

Although the country has plenty to offer in terms of rural charm, unquestionably the pub culture is a big appeal for many visitors to Ireland. Budgeting for around 90 Euros per day rather than 60 will give you a lot more freedom to immerse yourself in that. With some form of live music and busy pubs almost every night even in the smaller towns, you will find plenty of temptation.

Certainly if you are only on a short trip to Ireland, you might want to allow for this sort of budget which will allow you to pack a lot more in. If you don’t drink then you can certainly get by on less.

Ireland Travel Costs

Approximate Price
Train from Galway to Dublin (around 2 hours 20 mins)€30
Train from Dublin to Cork (2 hours 40 minutes)€47
Meal in an affordable local restaurant€12-20
Local beer in bar/restaurant€5-6
Dorm bed in a hostelFrom €25/night
Budget private roomFrom €40/night
Entrance to the Guinness StorehouseFrom €26
Travel insurance for backpacking IrelandDepends on your age/circumstances – Get a quote from Heymondo in under a minute!

Backpacking expenses in Ireland are among the highest in the world, particularly when it comes to accommodation. There aren’t many more expensive countries, but an Iceland backpacking budget for example is slightly more and the same goes for a few other Scandinavian and Western European countries.

One way to cut travel costs in Ireland is to look for short-term work placements. Worldpackers is a platform which allows travellers to search for work exchanges which can hook you up with a bed and some food for a few days or weeks. At the time of writing, there are 46 opportunities for these kind of exchanges in Ireland with many in rural settings on farms. Be sure to use our Worldpackers $10 discount code if this sounds like your kind of thing!

Money – Euros

£1 = €1.13

US$1 = €0.93

These exchange rates are correct as of March 2023 with Euros the currency in the Republic of Ireland. Contactless payments via debit/credit card are widely accepted.

If you head north of the border, remember that British Pounds are used in Northern Ireland. In border areas, you may occasionally find both currencies are accepted but Pounds or other currencies such as the US Dollar are certainly not widely used elsewhere in the Republic of Ireland.

These estimates for the cost of travel in Ireland were last updated in March 2023.

Ireland Backpacking Budget – Cost of Travel (2023)

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