Greece Cost of Travel 2019 - Suggested Daily Budget & Sample Prices
Cost of Travel,  Europe

Greece Cost of Travel – Suggested Daily Budget

This post outlines the estimated cost of travel in Greece. Read our suggested shoestring and more comfortable backpacking budgets for one of Europe’s most popular destinations. We also have some sample prices and info on using money there.

cost of travel in Greece

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Is Greece Expensive?

Greece Travel Costs on a Shoestring Budget

US$45/day | 40 Euros

As far as the Mediterranean goes, Greece offers some of the best value not to mention most appealing destinations. Greece has been crippled by economic woe for a decade now but prices for some things have gone down as a result and visitors from the US or countries with currencies pegged to the dollar should find it much cheaper now than it was a few years back. If you’ve been backpacking in the Balkans, particularly if you’re arriving from close neighbours Albania or Macedonia, you may still notice a pretty sharp increase in prices but that’s only relative. Travellers heading here from Italy, France, Germany or Spain to Greece should notice the opposite effect to varying degrees.

Hostels are plentiful and accommodation in general is very affordable by European standards with some great value Airbnb’s although during the busier summer months, prices can go up and beds can sell out on the islands and coastal destinations. The food is fresh and relatively good value although to stick to our Greece backpacking budget of 40 Euros per day, you’ll need to do some self-catering or settle for cheaper snacks or sandwiches at lunch-time. Travelling around Greece is really good value too and with some advanced planning you can travel the length of the mainland or fly to one of the islands for under 20 Euros.

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More Comfortable Greece Backpacking Budget

US$65/day | 55 Euros

If you’re planning on visiting Greece and particularly the more popular islands like Santorini during the peak summer months then you might want to increase your budget by at least 10-15 Euros. This will cover the increase in the cost of accommodation and transport due to the big increase in visitors at that time.

At other times of year, adding 15 Euros to your budget would allow you to eat out twice a day or it could be put towards the cost of visiting more of the many Greek islands, which can be a bit of a hassle to get around.

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Travel Insurance Costs for Greece

These budgets don’t cover any pre-trip expenses such as the cost of travel insurance and flights to/from Greece. Therefore remember to factor all that in when calculating the likely cost of your trip. For a quick quote on medical travel insurance for backpacking Greece, check out SafetyWing.

Budget Travel Greece

Train from Athens to Thessaloniki (5-6 hours) – from €9 (if bought online and in advance)

Flight from Athens to Crete (1 hour) – from €17 plus baggage

Meal at an inexpensive restaurant – €10

0.5 Litre beer in bar or restaurant – €3

Dorm bed in Athens – from €10/night

Cheap private twin/double room or apartment in Crete – from €25/night (more during peak summer months)

Entrance to Acropolis in Athens – €20 (€10 during the winter – 1st November to 31st March)

Compare Greece prices to the cost of travel in Italy and the cost of travel in Germany.

Note, these prices were last checked in 2017. Everything else on this page was updated in early 2019.


Currency – Euros

£1 = €1.13

US$1 = €0.87

(All exchange rates are correct as of February 2019)

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Street art in Greece

street art in Athens, Greece (via aesthetics of crisisCC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

This page was last updated in February 2019.

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