5 Destinations offering Remote Employees the chance to Travel and Work in 2021

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COVID-19 changed the world in more ways than one can think of. One of the most prominent changes is a shift in the way people do their jobs with “work from home” turning into a normal affair. Even when the pandemic finally ends, it’s becoming clear that remote working is not simply going to disappear. By the end of 2021, numerous companies will either go completely or partially remote.

During periods of lockdown, many people have felt suffocated in their urban homes. They wanted to escape and travel. Some countries have responded with an idea to allow remote workers to come and stay in their country for a longer duration. As tourism took a nosedive, these countries had to come up with unique ideas to attract travellers and keep their tourism industries alive. They started offering visas for six months to two years for these work-from-home employees.

Things to Consider Before Travelling to Work Remotely

If you are working from home and are getting bored of your surroundings then you may consider shifting to one of these countries for a period of time to hopefully enjoy a more relaxed life. Before making the shift, you need to consider many things.

Firstly clearly you will need to check whether your employers will allow you to work remotely from another country. If that’s not a problem for you, then you may also wish to research factors such as specific visa requirements, medical infrastructure, and the weather.

You can also read news reports or blogs of travellers or remote workers who are in that country to get a better idea of how life is there during the pandemic. You can check in on the weather on the worldwide forecast and see if the climate will suit you for the period of your stay.

5 of the top Remote Work Destinations in 2021


This is an ideal place for remote workers in 2021. This British overseas territory is offering a work visa to remote workers for an extended stay. Those who apply need to be from countries with a low rate of Covid infections. Ideally, their country should fall in the low-risk category with less than 0.2% infections.

If you wish to apply then the cost for a year-long stay would be $2000 for one person. You need to produce a negative Covid report on arrival and stay in a quarantine hotel for fourteen days at your own expense. Anguilla is a beautiful island with 33 sandy beaches where you can enjoy snorkeling, swimming and kayaking.


Barbados via Derek Hatfield, CC BY 2.0

This Caribbean country introduced the ‘12 month Welcome Stamp’, a kind of work visa that allows you to stay on the island for 12 months with multiple entries.

Barbados has free wifi everywhere in restaurants, cafes, libraries, and public parks making it a good option for digital nomads and remote workers. Visa holders are even allowed to enroll their kids in private schools but to enroll in public schools they would need to pay a small fee or stipend.


This place is the perfect destination to escape your cramped apartment. Full of stunning pink beaches, Bermuda is another popular location to work from “home”.

The conditions are simple. You have to have an independent business or work for a company that is not based out of Bermuda. You have to take a compulsory Covid-19 test and you need to have a certificate that states that you are a remote employee. The visa processing is $263 per person, money that you can quickly recoup in terms of savings due to the low cost of living in Bermuda.


Croatia backpacking route

Croatia introduced its remote worker visa in January 2021, one of the first European countries to do so. This visa allows remote workers to stay in the country for 12 months.  The scenic beauty and serenity of this Eastern European country makes up for the lack of year-round sunshine when compared to the Caribbean islands above.

To apply you need to show proof that you work remotely. Your monthly income has to be more than 350 Euros, you shouldn’t have any criminal record in your home country, and you need to have proper health and travel insurance. The cost of a visa is 590 HRK (79 Euros).



The Georgian government recently launched something called “Remotely from Georgia”. This program allows travellers to stay and work in the country in the Caucasian region, for 360 days.

Travellers need to quarantine themselves at a hotel for 12 days at their own expense on arrival. Anyone who wishes to work and travel in Georgia requires a monthly income of a minimum of $2000.

This guest post on some of the top remote work destinations was published in April 2021.


5 Destinations offering Remote Employees the chance to Travel and Work in 2021

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