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In this Heymondo review, we’ll look at the popular travel insurance provider and assess what is and isn’t covered in their various packages. We also have a Heymondo discount code which enables new users to reduce the cost of their coverage.

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This applies to the Single Trip, Long Stay and Annual Multi-Trip options. If you opt for Single Trip, you’ll have the chance to choose between Heymondo Top, Heymondo Premium and Heymondo Medical. In all cases, the 5% discount works.

Heymondo Insurance discount code

What type of travel insurance do they offer?

Heymondo offers three types of travel insurance:

  • Single Trip – Your best option for short, individual trips of just a few days or weeks
  • Annual Multi-Trip – Coverage for all the trips you take in a year (each trip can be a maximum of 60 days)
  • Long Stay – This is good for trips of 90 days or more and can be renewed while you’re abroad for an extra 30, 120, 180 or 275 days

Heymondo Travel Insurance Review – What is covered?

Heymondo Single Trip TopHeymondo Single Trip PremiumHeymondo Single Trip MedicalHeymondo Annual Multi-TripHeymondo Long Stay
Emergency Medical/Dental Care€5000000€10000000€10000000€10000000€2500000
Travel Disruption€450€1500€1500€300
Cancellation & Interruption€3500€7000€7000
Personal Liability€60000€60000€60000€60000

In the above table we’ve highlighted some of the most important parts of their coverage for worldwide travel (including the US). 

The Single Trip travel insurance is further broken down into Top, Premium and Medical packages that enable you to tailor the cover to the type of trip you want to have. The Medical option is the cheapest and the Premium package is the most extensive and expensive option.

Whether you want Single Trip, Annual or Long Stay cover, you can get a quote in less than a minute here to see how much it will cost in your circumstances. 

It’ll obviously depend on the length of your trip and where you’re going. Anyone on a long backpacking trip that may be divided into separate chunks or anyone planning several trips within the next year, may find the Annual Multi-Trip option the most cost effective.

What’s not covered?

The Heymondo Single Trip Medical is the most limited cover as it is solely focused on covering any new medical problems you may have on your travels. You won’t be covered should you lose your luggage or experience any travel disruption with this.

The Heymondo Top and Heymondo Premium and Annual Multi-Trip options do cover lost luggage, trip disruptions and cancellations but don’t by default include cover for your electronic items (mobiles, laptops etc). 

Nor do they include cover for problems that are the result of doing certain adventure sports. The adventure sports that aren’t covered by default include white-water rafting, diving, horse riding, climbing, water skiing, kitesurfing, bicycle touring, mountain bike rides, quad biking, rafting, abseiling and bungee jumping. 

white water rafting
Riskier sports like white water rafting are not covered in Heymondo’s plans but in some cases can be added as an optional extra.

However those packages all give you the option to include both electronics and adventure sports as add-ons that will increase the overall cost of your package. The Premium package and Annual Multi-Trip cover also have additional options for rental car excess and cruises.

It’s advisable to read through the full terms of your package to understand clearly the situations when you’d be eligible for cover and when you wouldn’t.

Heymondo Reviews – What do their customers say?

Heymondo customer reviews are mostly favourable. As of July 2023, its Trust Pilot score of 4.5 is better than almost all of the major travel insurance providers such as Allianz and World Nomads. From a sample of 1746 reviews, 79% gave it a five-star rating which is exceptionally high with only 11% giving it less than a four-star rating.

Users praise the easy use of the Heymondo app and website, as well as the quick communication when needing assistance. Essentially what appears to set Heymondo apart from the competition is the way they’ve managed to simplify the whole process of buying and using insurance with a simpler explanation of what is and isn’t covered than you typically find elsewhere.

They’ve pretty clearly marketed themselves towards the younger age range with a slick app which includes 24/7 chat with an online doctor, a great feature if you need assistance abroad and can’t immediately access medical care.

The relatively few negative reviews often tend to relate to claims not being paid out due to certain situations that feature in the lengthy general conditions document but not prominently on the website. 

Travel insurance is a complicated business given the infinite number of potential risks and situations that could be encountered when travelling abroad and the exact terms are often longer and more complicated than the summaries you see when you book. The Heymondo team should be able to advise you if you have any specific queries when purchasing and we’ve also answered some frequently asked questions below.

Heymondo FAQs

Is Heymondo reputable?

Heymondo is a legit company. Starting out in 2016, they are younger than many rival travel insurance providers but the overwhelming majority of reviews are positive. Their headquarters are in Barcelona, Spain but they are an international company offering travel insurance to people from around the world.

What is the difference between Heymondo Top and Premium?

Heymondo Premium is a more extensive travel insurance package than Heymondo Top. It includes a higher limit in terms of the financial assistance that will be available to you in the event of medical problems, lost luggage or trip disruption. Unlike Top, it also features rental car excess and the option to insure cruises.

Can I buy it if my trip has already started?

You can purchase Heymondo travel insurance if you are already abroad. However there is a 72 hour grace period from the time of purchase to when it becomes active. Any problems or medical issues that started during that period won’t be covered.

Heymondo travel insurance
You can purchase travel insurance when you’re on the road, but it’s advisable to do it before you leave home!

Are there any age limits for Heymondo’s travel insurance?

As of July 2023, Heymondo’s travel insurance packages for trips of more than 30 days are now limited to people up to and including the age of 49. That’s also the case for the Annual Multi-Trip plan. For trips of up to 30 days long, anyone aged 69 or below is eligible.

How expensive is Heymondo travel insurance?

Comparing the main providers of travel insurance for backpackers, Heymondo works out as one of the cheaper options. It is more affordable than the likes of World Nomads and Travel Guard with cover for a one-month worldwide trip (including the US and Canada) costing in the region of 100 Euros. As of July 2023, Annual Multi-Trip cover starts at €188.22 (approx $205/ £160) and goes up to €263.45 with the electronics and adventure sports add-ons.

You can find cheaper travel medical insurance from companies like SafetyWing but they don’t cover as much as Heymondo’s Top and Premium packages which also offer higher medical expense limits.

Is there a discount for Heymondo’s travel insurance?

You can get 5% off by activating this Heymondo promo code. The discount will automatically be applied when you get a quote.

Are pre-existing conditions covered?

Heymondo does not cover pre existing conditions. You can still purchase travel insurance if you have some kind of medical condition and you will be covered for most new medical issues that come up on your travels that are unrelated to your existing issue(s).

Is Covid-19 covered?

Heymondo travel insurance covers Covid-19. This includes medical expenses and any medically prescribed PCR tests. It extends to medical transportation when your return trip is affected and extra lodging expenses as the result of a medical quarantine. It will not cover you if you’re required to isolate by law on entry to a new country, although these situations are pretty rare now with many countries declaring the pandemic over.

How can you contact Heymondo?

24/7 assistance is available online via the Heymondo app. You can file a claim this way and also chat with a doctor. You can also find their claims telephone number on your insurance policy when you book.

For general enquires, you can email hello@heymondo.com or get in touch via whatsapp on +34627283366 (Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 18:30 GMT+1).

The information in this Heymondo review is accurate as of July 2023 but exact terms are subject to change so be sure to double check everything when purchasing any travel insurance.

Heymondo Review & Discount Code

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