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A Europe travel blog. Featuring trip ideas for backpackers and budget travellers, tips on where to go, how to travel and how to save money on the road.

3 reasons why Romania should be your next hiking destination in 2023

Romania is the largest country in Southeastern Europe with a very rich and diverse geographic landscape. Going from the 2,500m high Carpathian Mountains to the Danube Delta, there are thirteen national parks and protected areas full of wildlife and rare vegetation. Despite all this, the country is not a popular hiking destination – which can […]

Baltic Backpacking Route

This part of Europe may not be a massive travel hotbed but our Baltic backpacking route might just surprise you. There is no well-trodden backpacker trail to follow here. Every traveller you meet will tend to have their own unique reasons for being in the Baltic region while the locals are generally friendly and (particularly […]

South Caucasus Backpacking Routes (Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan)

Backpacking the South Caucasus region will see you discover a unique mixture of the old world and modern civilisation. Neither Asia nor Europe, the area manages to blend together two cultures and create their own one. This page includes suggested travel itineraries for Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, three destinations that may sound like they are […]

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