10 Things to do in The Himalayas

Indian Himalayas

Like a crown on a king’s head, the majestic Himalayas adorn my country – India. The Himalayan range swarms over the north and north east of the country and boasts a great variety of flora and fauna. Read on for 10 things to do in The Himalayas or head over to Mountain IQ for more tips on trekking in India!

A guest post by Rohit from India

Top 10 Things to do in The Indian Himalayas

Mountain Biking

Famous things to see in the Indian Himalayas
Photo by trailsource, CC BY 2.0

Not a trekking fan? No problem at all! You can still go biking or cycling. The Himalayas have some really enchanting routes that are perfect for adventure biking and cycling. There is no denying that there are a few tricky ones, but with a little care, you can ride them safely.

Gondola Rides

How about a mind blowing ride at 9000 or 10000 feet? You can experience the cable car here at Gulmarg (a.k.a. the meadow of flowers) to offer a chilly ride over some of the world’s best picturesque locations.

You might want to take the same ride twice – one to take in all the beauty and another for capturing all of it on your camera.

Bungee Jumping at Rishikesh

bungee jumping in India
Photo by Tony Leon, CC BY-SA 2.0

If you are off to Rishikesh on a spiritual journey, you might as well add a tinge of adventure to it. Along with some spiritual awakening, the holy city might just open up the adrenaline junkie in you.

Spa and Relaxation

While Himalayas raise that adrenaline level, it can also help you in washing off those stress levels that come with city life. The mountains have some really good spa centres, hotels and a blend of Ayurveda to calm you down.

It would be a perfect getaway to indulge in some alone time and self-pampering.

White Water Rafting

white water rafting in the Indian Himalayas
Photo by Jason Pratt, CC BY 2.0

We are well aware of the pious Ganga – the river that washes away all your sins and purifies you. Well, she too seems to have a wild and fun side. Before Ganga comes over as the calm one, she is a turbulent challenge to be won over. Wrestle with nature and conquer the white waters of the famous river.

Yak Safari

Out in the coldest parts of Ladakh, yaks were the sole means of transport and an accompanying animal for many. Travellers now enjoy this ancient practice to explore the hidden secrets of the Himalayas.

This gigantic animal will offer you one of the truest Himalayan experiences. Dress up in the bright coloured dresses and ornaments of the local people and go on a yak ride.

Angling in Ramganga


The Himalayan region is a dream destination for all angling lovers. Being home to the amazing and rare Mahseer fish, the Himalayas is one spot on the angler’s bucket list.

Catching this ‘tiger of the river’ is one of the best experiences for any angler. Fly fishing is also another popular sport in the Himalayas.

Canyon Crossing on a Jhula

Remember those swings you played on or those crazy rides in an amusement park. If you miss those, you should definitely try using a swing (jhula) to cross a canyon.

Nothing to worry about, people living in these villages do it every day. It will be a ride you will never forget, riding in a box over a canyon with a river gushing right beneath you.

Treasure Hunting For A Glacial Lake

Forget those conventional treks to popular spots. If you are one of those ‘off-beat trekkers’, go find your own glacier. There are so many hiding in the depths and width of the Himalayas, waiting to be explored.

Spend the night on the lakeside with a starry skied roof and wake up to a splendid sunrise.

Take A Flying Taxi –A Helicopter

Indian Himalayas

Want a break from all the trekking and you just want to go sight-seeing. Take a helicopter taxi, no kidding.

That taxi ride could be something you will treasure forever. Few of us can own a helicopter, so you might as well take a ride when you get a chance. Book one from the airport itself and travel in style.

Our grand Himalayas cannot be brought down to just 10 points, there are so many places to visit – temples, monasteries, valleys, breathtaking lakes, mountains and a crazy load of things to do – parasailing, trekking, wildlife safaris, catching a glimpse of the snow leopards deep in the mountains or just relaxing. This is one place to fulfil all your cravings and to make loads of memories.

To extend your trip in the country, check out our two month India travel itinerary which covers all the main destinations.

Author Bio

Rohit is an avid traveller and blogger at Transindiatravels.com. His passion for exploring has taken him to places all around the world. The accounts of his travel experiences act as a guide to other travel enthusiasts.

These tips for visiting the Himalayas were first published in April 2016 with minor updates in September 2023.

10 Things to do in The Himalayas

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  1. I was planning a trek to the Himalayas with my friends, and we have decided to extend 2 days for relaxation, so I decided to do a little research on what we could do in your free time and I came across this article and I guess going to the spa and taking a helicopter taxi would really be a pleasure. Thank you for this article, was really useful for me.

  2. Nicely compiled. While the article truly tells us about the activities one can do in the Himalayas , I want to share my experience of Himalayas. My Kashmir tour. It was my first trip with my wife. A late honeymoon trip. It turned out to be the most mesmerizing trip of our life. Everyone should visit Kashmir once. I hope I could encourage you by this collection of pics narrating our story. Thanks for visiting. https://thebongtraveller.blogspot.com/2015/11/why-you-should-visit-kashmir-sooner.html

    Above photo was taken when we were gliding over the Himalayas as were about to land in Srinagar.

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