Indonesia Cost of Travel - Suggested Daily Budget
Cost of Travel,  Southeast Asia

Indonesia Cost of Travel – Suggested Daily Budget

This post details the estimated cost of travel in Indonesia. Read on for suggested shoestring and more comfortable backpacking budgets for this enormous Southeast Asian nation, one of the world’s most populated countries. We also have some information about the local currency and sample prices.

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Is Indonesia a cheap country?

Indonesia Travel Costs on a Shoestring Budget

US$25/day | 350,000 Rupiah

Like many large countries, there is a fair bit of regional variation in prices in Indonesia that you should consider so how much you spend will largely depend on where you go. We have received comments from many travellers suggesting we always place Indonesia too high in our budget travel table and that it is in fact as cheap or cheaper than most of mainland Southeast Asia. However we suspect they have spent a lot of time away from the islands of Bali and Java, which are a bit pricier. The other islands are considerably cheaper to visit.

Getting from one island to another, although relatively inexpensive can still quickly eat into your budget if you are moving around and entrance fees to major sites of interest can be high so we believe US$25 is a realistic overall Indonesia backpacking budget. If you try to pack a lot in and are moving around every couple of days including visits to multiple islands in a relatively short space of time, you might want to allow for a bit more. If you stick predominantly to one of the cheaper islands such as Sumatra, then it’s possible you can get by on US$20 or less.

Backpacking costs across Southeast Asia

More Comfortable Indonesia Backpacker Budget

US$40/day | 560,000 Rupiah

Adding an extra $15 to your daily travel budget in Indonesia will allow you to do quite a bit more no matter what kind of trip you want to have. If you are planning to spend a lot of time in Bali then it will allow you to really get into the party culture whilst perhaps doing the odd daytime activity like surfing. In Java it will allow you to take a few more organised trips up volcanoes and suchlike which are difficult to do independently. While on the cheaper islands you can probably fork out on some pretty good accommodation on this budget that would fall closer into the realm of luxury travel than budget in many countries. Compare this to our Vietnam backpacking budget for an idea of how the country compares to mainland SEA.

Indonesia Cost of Travel Insurance

Remember to add a bit more on top of the above travel budgets for Indonesia to cover the cost of travel insurance, maybe visas and certainly flights to and from the country. You can get a quick quote for the covering your trip here via SafetyWing – who are specialists in medical travel insurance.

How much are things in Indonesia?

Flight from Jakarta to Bali (1 hour 45 mins) when booked 1-2 weeks in advance – 530,000 Rp + baggage

Public ferry from Padang Bai, Bali to Lembar, Lombok (4-5 hours) – 40,000 Rp

Meal at an inexpensive restaurant – 20,000-30,000 Rp

Large local beer in a bar or restaurant – 25,000 Rp

Dorm Bed at Kuta, Bali – from 75,000 Rp

Private Double or Twin room in Bali – from 120,000 Rp

Private room in Sumatra – from 50,000 Rp

Entrance fee for Borobudur Temple Complex near Yogyakarta – 280,000 Rp

Compare Indonesian prices with the cost of travel in the Philippines.

Note, these prices haven’t been checked since 2016. Everything else on this page was updated in early 2019.


Currency – Indonesian Rupiah

£1 = 18000 Rupiah

€1 = 16200 Rupiah

US$1 = 14100 Rupiah

(All exchange rates are correct as of January 2019)

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street art in Indonesia

street art in Yogyakarta, Indonesia (via pwbakerCC BY-NC 2.0)

This page was last updated in January 2019.

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