Canada Cost of Travel – Suggested Daily Budget

Canada Cost of Travel 2019 - Suggested Daily Budget & Sample Prices

This page looks at the estimated cost of travel in Canada. Read our suggested shoestring and more comfortable backpacking budgets for this huge North American country. We also have some sample prices and info on the currency.

Canada Backpacking Budget

(Map of Canada regions from wikitravel, can be re-used under CC BY-SA 2.5)

Is Canada expensive to travel?

Rents in 26 Canadian cities, May 20...
Rents in 26 Canadian cities, May 2018

Daily Travel Costs in Canada on a Shoestring Budget

US$60/day | 80 Canadian Dollars

Canada is one of the hardest places to give an accurate budget for mostly because it is enormous. Our other budgets are generally based on trying to visit all the main destinations in the country and a few things in-between but in Canada that will either involve covering in excess of 5,000 km by land or taking a domestic flight that is as long and often expensive as a cross-continental one. Montreal is roughly the same distance away from Vancouver as it is from London for example.

So our Canada backpacking budget of 80 Canadian Dollars is primarily based on picking one area of the country (for example Southern Ontario & Quebec) and sticking too it. If you want to visit another part of the country, treat the cost of a flight as extra. In terms of daily expenses, Canada is not cheap by any means and is pretty much in line with what you might expect in Western Europe although you should find it slightly cheaper than the UK or France.

Although it is so big, there isn’t as much regional variation as you might think in terms of prices. That being said Toronto and Vancouver are generally slightly more expensive than other regions, particularly Quebec and including Montreal and Quebec City which are among the cheapest cities to live in Canada.

More Comfortable Canada Backpacking Budget

US$75/day | 100 Canadian Dollars

Again it’s tough to give an accurate figure as people tend to come to Canada for specific reasons rather than just to travel around and take each day as it comes. If you are planning on doing a lot of winter sports then you can certainly expect to spend considerably more than this but there do tend to be quite a lot of ways to work in Canada that will help fund all that. If you want to spend a long time in the country but don’t have enormous funds, consider applying for a job at one of the ski resorts during the ski-season and using it as a base to travel.

The country has a huge range of amazing places to visit for nature. You could easily spend months there and if you are a happy camper in the wild, you can get by on less than either of these budgets. Check out Prince Edward Island if you’re looking for more Canadian travel inspiration.

Save on Travel in Canada

One way to cut travel costs in Canada is to look for short to medium term work placements. Worldpackers is a great platform which allows travellers to search for work exchanges and these can see you get a bed and some food for a few days, weeks or months which is a major help in terms of keeping costs down in an expensive country like Canada. Be sure to use our Worldpackers discount coupon if you decide to register!

Sample Prices in Canada

Toronto to Montreal bus (7 hours) – from 35 CAD

Vancouver to Toronto flight (4 hours 30 mins) – 300+ CAD

Dorm bed in Vancouver – from 25 CAD/night

Dorm bed in Montreal – from 20 CAD/night

Budget private double/twin room in Montreal or Toronto – from 45 CAD/night

Meal in a cheap restaurant – 15 CAD

Large local beer in bar/restaurant  – 6 CAD

Entrance to Canadian Museum of History – 15 CAD (11 for students)

Compare Canada prices with the cost of travel in USA and the cost of travel in Australia.

These prices were last checked in June 2016. Everything else on this page was updated in February 2019.


Currency – Canadian Dollars

£1 = 1.75 CAD

€1 = 1.5 CAD

US$1 = 1.32 CAD

(All exchange rates are correct as of February 2019)

MFT Recommends

Go to Montreal and stay at the Auberge Saint Paul. Excellent hostel with best value beds in town.

street art in Montreal

street art in Montreal, Quebec (via AV DezignCC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

This post was last updated in February 2019.

Featured Image, CC BY 2.0 

Canada Cost of Travel – Suggested Daily Budget

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