5 Clever Hacks for Your First Cross Country Move

Hacks for moving abroad

Moving to a new country can be very exciting and fun, but it is also quite stressful, and you can run into some major problems if you aren’t prepared. These problems can be avoided if you follow some simple travelling hacks that will make your move to a new country much easier and stress-free. Here is a list of some hacks for moving abroad and tricks that should you help your move go more smoothly. Check them out:

by Marcel Schreyer

5 Hacks for Moving Abroad

1. Pack Smart

Whether you are moving to a new country or even going on a small trip, it is always important to pack smart. It should always be your goal to pack as light as possible and take as little luggage with you as possible. So when you are packing, keep only the completely essential things. It is usually easier and in some cases, even more profitable to buy new stuff when you move to a different country.

If you are moving to a new country pack only some essential clothes, documents, your laptop and some other essential stuff. Only pack the items of extreme importance and buy the rest of the stuff when you get to the new country.

2. Learn Some Common Phrases in the New Language

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If you are moving to a country where people speak a different language, even simple tasks can be difficult in the beginning. If you don’t know the new language, it can be very hard to integrate into the new society effectively.

So, before you move to the new country, try to learn as much of the new language as possible. You don’t need to be completely fluent in the new language but at least learn some common daily life phrases in the new language. Familiarising yourself to the new language will make your move way easier and help you out a lot in the initial stage of your move.

3. Secure a Job before You Move

Before you move to a new country, it is very important that you have some means of income in the new country. A very common job that many people are using these days to finance their trips and moves abroad is teaching. There are many teaching programs that finance your move to a new country for a year or more to teach English to local students. You can move to some amazing countries like Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and many more through these programs.

4. Keep All Your Documents Safe

Living abroad Tips

Whenever you are travelling, you should always keep your documents safe. A great way to ensure that you always have access to your documents is to make copies of them and keep them on your cloud so that if in any case your documents are lost you have some sort of identification to clear the issue.

5. Sell Some of Your Old Stuff to Make Some Extra Money

When you are moving to a new country, what should you do with all the stuff that you are leaving behind? If you are moving permanently, then a great thing to do is have a garage sale and make some extra money to help you with the move. Otherwise, if you are only moving for a year or so, you should get a storage unit to keep your stuff in while you are gone.

About the Author:

After graduating in Industrial Engineering in 2007, from day one, Marcel has been working as a freelance writer, digital marketer, and business trainer. He’s very much into foreign cultures and learning languages and enjoys leaving his office for backpacking and hiking trips in the countryside. Together with his team, he blogs about teaching English as a foreign language on jimmyesl.com.

 This post was published in July 2019.

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5 Clever Hacks for Your First Cross Country Move

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