Top 10 well known and not so well known sights in New York

If there is one place in the United States that seems tailor-made for travellers, it’s New York. A sprawling and diverse metropolis with something to offer just about every kind of visitor. It is therefore no surprise that each year millions of tourists head over to the city.

Not this year, unfortunately. With the outbreak of the coronavirus, the US has closed its borders to virtually all travellers. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look ahead. While travelling to the States will likely not be in the books this year, New York will still be there next! So we’ve put together a list of some of the most well-known, and less known sights to see in the Big Apple.

10 of the best Things to See in New York

1: The Statue of Liberty

Arguably the most iconic structure in New York, and perhaps even the United States in general. The torch-wielding paragon of liberty was a gift from France to the USA. It is possible to travel all the way up to the statue’s crown. Be wary though. Her popularity comes with the downside that you need to book your trip to Liberty Island well in advance, as just about every tourist wants to see Lady Liberty up close.

2: Prospect Park

We’ve all heard of Central Park. Brooklyn has its own answer to it, however, in Prospect Park. It is every bit as lush and beautiful as its more popular counterpart, with the added benefit that it is less crowded. It also has a zoo and the famous Brooklyn Museum of Art. In short, something to do for everyone!

3: The Empire State Building

Sights in New York

Rising almost 1500 feet into the air, the imposing Empire State Building is one of the few structures that can challenge The Statue of Liberty for the title of most iconic feature in New York. Its name refers to the nickname for the state of New York, the “Empire State”. While it is no longer the tallest building in New York, it is still visited by over 4 million tourists annually.

4: The Merchant’s House Museum

Did you ever wonder what life was really like in the 19th century? The Merchant’s House Museum at 29 East Fourth Street is the only known nineteenth-century home in New York that has been preserved completely intact. No changes have been made to it throughout the years. Stepping inside of it is like stepping into a time machine, and provides a very interesting glimpse into life in a different century.

5: Theatre District

Even though most people know it as Broadway, only three of the 41 theatres in the Theatre District are on Broadway. Regardless of the name, the theatrical performances put on in the district are the most popular in the western hemisphere. Broadway has cultivated an image of high-brand cultural entertainment, and no New York guide is complete without mentioning the famed district. Good luck trying to find a ticket, though!

6: New York City Panorama

While people may disagree on the best places to visit in New York, everyone agrees on one thing: New York is big. So big, in fact, that even after multiple visits, you likely won’t have seen all of its features. The Queens Museum can help with this, with their panorama of the city of New York. Considered one of their most valuable objects, if not outright the most valuable one, the panorama meticulously displays every nook and cranny of the city. It contains close to 900,000 hand-crafted buildings.

7: September 11 Memorial

While the sombre atmosphere and the meaning behind the memorial might be off-putting, the structure itself is a marvel of architecture. Two massive waterfalls comprise the footprints of where the Twin Towers used to stand, the waters cascading down into twin pools meant to reflect the emptiness left behind after the attacks. The names of all the victims are inscribed on the bronze parapets.

8: The Berlin Wall

Yes, you heard that right. The Berlin Wall is alive and well in Manhattan! Well, parts of it, at least. After its destruction, parts of the Berlin Wall made their way around the world, with New York securing its own pieces. They can be found at the UN Plaza and at Battery Park.

9: St. Patrick’s Cathedral

St Patrick's Cathedral

St Patrick’s Cathedral via prayitnophotography, CC BY 2.0

Whether you are religious or not, the cathedral of St. Patrick is a must-see. The towering neo-gothic building is considered one of the most prominent structures of the Catholic Church in North America. In 2015, an extensive restoration project was finally completed, and it shows. The insides of the church are a glimmering marvel, with monuments to over 200 saints.

10: Life Underground in the New York subway

If you ever worried that you’ll never really understand life in New York, don’t worry, you’re not alone. The Life Underground artwork in the New York subway is an homage to what its creator calls the “impossibility of understanding life in New York”. They are a series of small bronze sculptures spread throughout the subway, and tell funny little stories. And of course, the New York subway is an attraction in itself.

Heading to New York? Don’t forget your ESTA!

If like us you’re dying to put on your travel shoes and head over to New York, you’ll have to wait until the coronavirus has died down and the borders open again. But it’s still wise to read up and prepare everything you need for your trip. Hunting early for flight tickets, looking up cheap bookings for the attractions you want to see…and of course your ESTA.

The ESTA, also known as an ESTA visa, is a special travel authorisation for travellers headed to the USA. What’s so nice about the ESTA is that it circumvents the need to go through the long and expensive visa application procedure. An ESTA can be applied for entirely online, takes no more than 5 minutes, and is sent to you by e-mail afterwards. Take note, however; the ESTA is only available to travellers from countries under the Visa Waiver Program. Read up on the ESTA requirements before applying for one.

With everything in order, you’re set to enjoy a lovely stay in the Big Apple!


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Top 10 well known and not so well known sights in New York

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