Working Holiday Visas around the World

For a couple of years during the pandemic, working holiday visa programs were among the first things to get scrapped and the last to return. However, with things looking brighter as we head into 2023, many countries are once again opening their doors to travellers looking for extended stays abroad involving some paid work. Below […]

The Worst Airports in the World

In this post, we’re going to look at the worst airports in the world according to passenger ratings. While some cities have been busy building new, state-of-the-art airports fit for the 2020’s, other airports have fallen into a state of decline, dogged by the same problems that have irritated passengers for many years. Google’s review/rating […]

UK Backpacking Route

While there was a time when Great Britain controlled a huge portion of the world’s territory, it is only really a very small island in Northern Europe. Despite its limited size, there is so much history and culture to be discovered that lovers of all things British will want to stay for several weeks to […]

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