What are the warmest winter destinations in Europe?

As the year end approaches in Europe, the list of potential destinations for sunny, warm short-haul breaks starts to dwindle. Temperature levels have plummeted across almost all of the continent by November time with only the very warmest winter destinations in Europe still offering what might be described as “beach weather” by the start of […]

What are the best and cheapest cities to live in Spain?

With a great lifestyle, affordable cities, sunny coastlines and an abundance of English teaching jobs, Spain is one of the most popular countries for people looking to move abroad. Madrid and Barcelona are both very attractive destinations but while they aren’t as expensive as other major European or North American cities, by Spanish standards they […]

10 Unique Work Exchange Opportunities

We’re going to take a look at 10 of the most interesting work exchange opportunities in 2023. We’ve used the Worldpackers platform to scour the world in search of some of the most interesting placements for travellers looking for a new challenge or a fresh adventure this year. While anyone can view the opportunities, you […]

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