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New Zealand Cost of Travel – What is a typical Backpacker Budget?

This post details the estimated cost of travel in New Zealand. We have outlined two daily travel budgets – one for budget-minded travellers and one for those on a slightly more comfortable backpacking budget. Further down there are details on the local currency and sample prices for travellers in the country. New Zealand Cost of […]

The World’s Most Popular Backpacking Destinations

This post features a countdown of the ten most popular backpacking destinations according to keyword research and search data. It essentially shows which countries people are searching for information about backpacking trips to. While not quite an exact science, it’s a pretty good measure of which countries in the world currently attract the highest number […]

New Zealand Backpacking Route

Our New Zealand travel itinerary starts in Christchurch and loops around the South Island for wildlife, camping, glaciers, and activities for adventure junkies. The route then crosses to the North Island for immersive indigenous culture, unique natural hot-spots, and, of course, filming locations from the Lord of the Rings films. Read on for the lowdown […]

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