See the World on a Budget

See the World on a Budget

Intro | Sleeping | Eating/Drinking | Transport

Introducing the Art of Budget Travel

If you want to ‘see the world’ there are three obvious essentials that form the bulk of any travel budget (see below). 1 and  2 will keep you alive. 3 will allow you to see the world.

1) You need somewhere to sleep.
2) You need to eat and drink.
3) You need a way of getting from where you are to where you want to be.

It is possible to travel the world spending only on these things and soaking up everywhere you visit. Naturally there will be some extra activities you may want to do and will need to pay for, but if you are travelling on a budget these areas will be your three main expenses. We will look at ways of keeping their costs down to a bare minimum.


As such our guide to seeing the world on a budget is divided into three sections:

Sleep for Cheap

This section offers you top tips on finding somewhere to crash while you’re wandering the planet. It is actually not too difficult to find budget or even free beds while you travel.

Eat/Drink for Cheap

Eating/drinking costs are pretty hard to avoid. However just like in your own country food/drink prices vary drastically depending on where you shop/eat/drink so it’s really a case of being able to know where you’re likely to find the best value. This comes with experience but we offer some tips to get you started.

Travel from A to B for Cheap

Contemplating how you are going to get from where you are to where you want to go next is never too far from the mind of anyone living the backpacking lifestyle. Here we look at ways to keep transport costs to a minimum.

This guide was last updated in July 2013.