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5 Funky Things to do in Singapore

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Singapore’s city-state had its roots as a bustling fishing port, and since its independence in 1965, has quickly developed into one of the brightest metropolitan cities in the world. But what really makes it interesting is its unique blend of various Asian cultures, nestled together in a harmonious melting pot on a small tropical island. And of course, the local food is to die for!

1) Try Singapore’s favorite dish, Chilli Crab, a spicy crab stew best savored with deep fried ‘mantou’ or Chinese buns (and an apron – it will get messy).

chilli crab in singapore

2) Stroll along the Singapore River, and take in the gorgeous night-time view of the city centre’s skyline.

singapore skyline

3) Adventure seekers can ride vicious roller coasters at Universal Studios Singapore, snorkel with fishes at Adventure Cove, play the Luge down a hill, or even skydive indoors – all within Sentosa, Singapore’s adventure and play destination.

rollercoaster in singapore

4) Check out the S.E.A. Aquariam (also at Sentosa), which houses the world’s biggest aquariam viewing panel spanning 118 wide and 27 feet tall.

singapore sea aquarium

5) Not your conventional travel destination – but for all you Star Wars fans, check out Lucasfilm’s first ever office out of the United States. The building is named the Sandcrawler, and its award-winning design is inspired by Jawa vehicles from the Star Wars films.

yoda in singapore


Cherylene is a adrenaline junkie who thirsts for thrill and adventure. She likes bungee jumping, diving, and roller coasters. To read about her adventures and travels, please visit wandersugar and her Facebook page.



This article was published in January 2014.

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