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Funky 100 – Number 91

5 Funky Things to do in Rio de Janeiro

Why you should Visit…

This is an easy one! It’s hard to think of another city in the world that has so much appeal to a traveller. The stunning setting includes tropical forests, lakes and of course fabulous beaches. Throw in beautiful people and exuberant nightlife and it becomes more a question of why wouldn’t you want to visit Rio?

1) Head East for a day of Snorkelling at Arraial do Cabo

snorkelling in rio de janeiro

2) Go to the secret Pedra do Sal Plaza for Free Samba, Music, Drinks & Food (Mon, Fri, Sat 6pm-10pm)

pedro do sal plaza samba in rio

3) Escape the Urban Jungle and head into the Tijuca National Park

national park rio de janeiro

4) Hop from Bar to Bar in the Historic Lapa district


5) Relax on Prainha Beach

prainha beach rio de janeiro


Tips from Rio couchsurfers Kellen, Yuri and Aline who also runs Free Walking Tours of Rio de Janeiro’s cultural and historical sights.


This article was published in July 2013.

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