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5 Funky Things to do in Muscat

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Muscat is a confusing place to visit. A sprawling city, around 40 km long, squeezed between the blue Arabian sea in the north and the rugged hills of the desert in the south. The city is divided in several microcosm districts connected by endless highways. This means that getting anywhere in town automatically involves getting yourself in taxi or a minibus. Less snazzy and overwhelming than its Emirate neighbors Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Muscat has a more traditional and laidback atmosphere, where modern shopping malls rub shoulders with century old Souqs and mosques.

1) The large Mutrah Souq is an amazing place to wander around and be seduced by the exotic gold, frankinsence and silk on sale.


2) Visit the freakishly strange presidential palace in the Muscat district. Come in the evening, and chances are you will be the only person in the entire district.

muscat presidential palace

3) For a more contemporary look on Muscat, head for the fancy Qurm district. This is where the Western expats dine out and enjoy a stroll on the endless sandy beach.

beach in muscat

4) Slow down to a Omani pace of life, sit down on Muttrah’s Corniche with some Sambousek and mint lemonade and watch life go by.


5) Muscat has a large immigrant community from the Indian subcontinent. So prepare to get a taste of some of the best Dahl, Korma and Japati outside of India, Pakistan or Bangladesh.

muscat immigrant community


Kenny is a young ecologist from Brussels, Belgium who tries to travel as much as possible. He visited Muscat a few months ago during a trip through Oman.


This article was published in April 2014.