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Funky 100 – Number 18

5 Funky Things to do in Accra

Why you should Visit…

Accra is a vibrant and friendly city. There are restaurants to suit all tastes, even for a veggie like me – I had some wonderful Indian food at a genuine South Indian restaurant. Try to catch some music, too. Finally, a tip for striking up conversation: drop in the names of a few legends of Ghanaian football, like Abedi Pele, Samuel Kuffour and Tony Yeboah and I’ll guarantee you’ll be sitting there for hours over a few beers with your new friends.

1) Go to the market – a wonderful experience of organised chaos.

market in accra

2) Go to the football – there’s nothing to match the colour and sound of African football.

football match in ghana

3) See some things that you normally only see from David Attenborough, like this giant termite mound.

termite in africa

4) Taste pineapple like you never get it from a supermarket.

accra pineapples

5) Go birdwatching – you’ll see all sorts of glorious birds without even trying, like this green wood-hoopoe.

african bird


by Tom Locke who used to work in Accra

All photos were taken by Tom, except the last, courtesy of

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This article was published in November 2013.