Funky 100 Explained

Funky 100 Rules


hong kong at night

After lots of highly unscientific research we’ve decided upon our 100 coolest and most funktastic (we’ve even invented a word) cities on the planet! For each one, a local or a visitor will suggest 5 wonderful (or wacky) things to do. The aim is to get insider tips so you’re never stuck for something to do if you find yourself in one of these 100 wonderful destinations.


We’ve done one to get things going. It is number 76: BOGOTA, Colombia


This project depends on you lovely travellers of the world! It shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes of your time to get involved with what we hope will ultimately be a collective masterpiece!

1) Choose a city on the Funky 100 list that you have been to or lived in.

2)  Come up with 5 funky things you’d recommend a visitor to that city to do and find a picture for each. We’d rather the photos were your own but if you’re struggling to find the right snap you can use creative commons image search.

TIP: If it’s a well-known city like London then try and think of more original ideas (i.e. Go look at Buckingham Palace isn’t really the sort of thing we’re after).

3) Send in your list of 5 things to do and 5 pictures to:

If you want to include a brief introductory paragraph about the city that’s fine but it’s not compulsory. Likewise feel free to send us a bio or links if you have your own travel blog. We’ll try to include your city within a couple of days of you sending it in.

If you still have doubts see our Funky 100 FAQ’s.