Funky 100 – FAQ’s


Frequently Asked Questions

How did you come up with the list?

We used impressions from our own travels and also contacted people from areas we’ve not visited to come up with a list of cool cities from all over the world. We also attempted to represent as much of the world as possible and all major regions are represented and no country has more than 5 cities in the list. The main criteria was the city hat to have something funky, interesting about it that make’s it an exciting travel destination.

Can I do more than one?

Yeah sure! Provided you’ve either lived in or visited a city on the list and have the photos to prove it then you can do several if you like.

Can I just get pictures off the internet if I’m lacking a photo?

We’d prefer the pictures to be your own. If you use the internet make sure they have a creative commons license! Follow this link to search for images you can use.

Is it okay if I am in the pictures?

Yes! It would be nice if you featured in at least one of the pictures as it adds a personal touch to your little segment however it isn’t compulsory.

Can I send in something about a city that’s not on the list?

We’re currently only looking for the 100 cities on our list for the Funky 100 section. We realise there are cities that we missed that you may think should be on there. You’re welcome to send articles about other cities in and we may feature it elsewhere on the site.

What size should the photos be?

Photos must be a minimum of 500 pixels wide. This shouldn’t be a problem unless you have a really ancient camera.

I want to do a city but it’s a while since I’ve been there. Is that okay?

Yes, as long as you are sure that your suggested activities are still possible. Please check before sending them in to us.

What happens when the list is complete?

We plan to introduce some kind of voting system and turn it into a competition to decide which is the most exciting city on the Funky 100.

What if a city has already been done by somebody else?

Then choose somewhere else! We are only looking for one contribution per city. If the city is in blue on the main Funky 100 page and has a link to an article with 5 things to do there, then clearly it has already been completed.

Still have questions? e-mail us!