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If you rarely travel then the internet can seem like a minefield of flight finding, fare comparing nonsense. That’s probably because it is but in reality most of the comparison sites and travel agencies provide basically the same service although some are considerably better at it than others.

Here are some of the sites and companies we recommend using:



Skyscanner is a great tool for finding the best deal on flights and is the first point of call for many travellers. If you’re flexible on dates it is brilliant as it lets you compare prices across a whole month or even the whole year and will help you find the cheapest days to travel. You can even use it as a source of travel inspiration by leaving the destination field blank (or typing ‘everywhere’) as it will show you the cheapest prices to all destinations on any given day or month.



This is another flight comparison site but it works differently to skyscanner which shows up actual fares that people have found as opposed to live prices. Farecompare searches a wide range of travel agencies and links to other flight engines meaning you can quickly get a wide range of prices up for flights on any given day. It lacks the flexibility on dates but is a decent alternative as skyscanner can sometime draw blanks for less popular routes or dates further in the future.


sta travelSta Travel

This student travel agency often has special deals for students and Under 26’s that don’t show up on flight comparison sites. They also specialise in round the world trips although you have to be careful that you fully understand the terms of the deal as sometimes they can be quite inflexible.



budget airBudget Air

These often do live up to their name by providing some of the best fares in the business. With branches in numerous European countries you can get good deals on flights to or from the continent.





Expedia is another flight booking site that has a worldwide presence and is popular for booking flights from Europe to Asia or Australia. It’s booking service is relatively simple and reliable so if there’s little difference in fares on long-haul flights (often almost all the agencies have very similar prices) they are a safe bet for making big bookings.



qatar airwaysQatar Airways

One of the best airlines in the business and their service and prices often put leading European and North American airlines to shame. If you’re flying from Britain or Europe to Southeast Asia you can get some really good deals on flights to Bangkok via their hub in Doha and may even arrive well rested and entertained. It’s usually cheaper to book through an agency like expedia rather than on their site.



You can find more details here on how to find cheap flights in different parts of the world.