Here you can find information on typical backpacking costs in countries across the world and tips on how to keep travel expenses to a minimum. The aim is to allow you to see more and spend less.


World Budget Travel Table

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When budgeting for a trip it’s always a good idea to have a knowledge of what the typical backpacker expenses are within the countries you are visiting. This table is based on recent experiences of backpackers and if your budget is say US$6000 you will notice that this could keep you going for almost a year in South East Asia but less than 3 months in regions such as Western Europe or Oceania.

Budget Travel Costs in Latin America

South America Backpacking Budget | Central America Backpacking Budget

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Most of Latin America is fairly cheap with some countries amongst the most budget-friendly destinations in the world. The region is huge though so getting to see a lot by any route other than time-consuming buses isn’t cheap.

Budget Travel Costs in Europe


Travel in Europe certainly ain’t cheap but the continent has lots of cost-cutting gems. With an array of budget airlines, couchsurfers and regional rail passes there are ways to see Europe on a shoestring budget.

Budget Travel Costs in Southeast Asia

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Southeast Asia is still a backpacker’s dream as it is cheap and has an immense amount of things to see and do. You can get by on $15 per day or less in many places.

Cost of Student & Budget Living in 125 different World Cities

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If you are planning on sticking around somewhere for a while it can be much more cost-effective than travelling and you get the chance to properly get to know a city and it’s culture. One popular option with people for a thirst for travel and new adventures is to teach English in a city abroad.


Nine Tricks to Travel the World Solo & Penniless

tricks to solo travel on a budget

An excellent guest post by Natalie Frizza documenting some of the tricks she uses to travel to all corners of the world with little money.

How to find Cheap Flights

find cheap flights

Here are some of the best tactics for finding the cheapest fares when you need to book flights. Included are budget tips for both short-haul and long-haul flights across the world.

How to find the best deal on Hostels

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Booking hostels is relatively painless in comparison to booking flights but there are still variations in price between different sites and by following our method you will save some all important pennies. They all add up!

See the World on the Cheap


This guide was one of the first ever articles on MFT back in 2011 but the advice is still perfectly relevant. It offers a bunch of valuable tips to help you see lots but spend little. It is possible to get by on a surprisingly small budget in lots of countries but the cost of a backpacking trip can spiral out of control if you’re not careful. The section covers everything from finding cheap fights, trains, bars and meals to finding somewhere to get a nights sleep for free on the road.

It is split into three main sections: 

Sleep for Cheap | Cheap Transport | Eating/Drinking on a Budget