Getting Around Europe on a budget

Getting Around Europe on a budget

getting around europe

Catching the train in Finland: Head north to Lapland, to see the Northern Lights and Santa Claus!

Getting around Europe is relatively hassle-free and things generally run on time. If you know what you’re doing you can find some reasonably decent prices. The following two pages offer general global advice for finding cheap transport and it includes some specific tips for Europe:

How to find Cheap Flights | How to find Cheap Buses and Trains

OPTION 1) Flying around Europe

Europe is the budget airline capital of the world and you can get almost anywhere in the continent for under 100 Euros, often much less if you book at least a few weeks in advance and are flexible on days. If you are canny this can work out to be the cheapest option, although unless you have a very small backpack, you will be forking out 20 Euros or so every time just to check in your luggage (sometimes this can even be more expensive than the flight itself)

The biggest budget airlines in Europe include:

Ryanair | Easyjet | Vuelling | Wizzair | German Wings | Flybe

Use skyscanner to compare them all and find the best prices.

OPTION 2) Travel over Land

Flying is certainly the quickest way to cover longer distances but for trips within the same country or between neighbours it is often quicker to travel overland. Europe has an extensive rail network and plenty of High Speed trains which offer rapid travel between the centre of two cities. Travelling overland also means you will see much more and probably meet more locals along the way adding to the overall experience.

DB Bahn – To check times of all trains in Europe.

Eurolines – The biggest international coach company in Europe.

Interrail – Sort yourself out with a European Railpass that will allow you explore the continent by train.

This page was published in January 2014.